Best Addicting Card Games

Sometimes you and your family need to get lost in an addicting card game. You're all running around all day at school and work, and you just need to get lost in a card game while bonding with your family. Life is too short, after all. However, to get lost in a card game, you would need to find one that is addicting enough to get lost, but what makes a game addicting?

Best Addicting Card Games

What makes An Addicting Card Game

The first and the most obvious sign that a game is addicting is if you lose track of time while playing it. If you're in the middle of playing a game with your family and didn't notice the sun has already set, then the game might be addicting. Another sign that a game is too addicting is if you or your family think or talk about it even when you're not playing it.

Why Play Card Games

Playing card games is different from playing board games. There are no miniature pieces you have to clean up. You shuffle and organize the deck, put it back in its case, and it's ready to go again for the next session. Plus, card games are fun and straightforward for the whole family.

Family Nights With Card Games

Why spend a whole family game night session having to go over rules for a new complicated board game? Why not just whip out a deck of cards and start having fun. Card games are simple, educational, and they promote a bonding experience, unlike any other. Let's take a look at some of the best addicting card games for you and your family.

Best Addicting Card Games

We've taken a look at some of the most popular card games below and we recommend you'll be addicted to these games the moment you play them!

The best addicting card games can keep your family engaged for hours. Picking any one of these games will have your family laughing and bonding for years.

SKIP BO Card Game

SKIP BO Card Game

Of course, if you're going to play a card game with your family, then why not play one where you can get a little friendly competition in. If the packaging and cards look a little familiar, then you wouldn't be surprised to find out the game is from the same makers of UNO!

There's a bit of strategy involved when creating a sequence of cards. Every player in the game starts with the same amount of cards face down. The goal is to run yourself out of cards by building up to four piles to beat your opponents. You can also strategically use a Skip-Bo card as somewhat of a wild card to also give yourself an edge over your opponents. The Skip-Bo Card Game is both addicting as it is fun for you and your family.

Pandasaurus Games The Mind

Pandasaurus Games The Mind

There's nothing quite like trying to communicate with other players without communicating at all. This can help you and your family master the art of silent communication without making any hand gestures. You would think a card game where you're not communicating with anyone wouldn't be as addicting, would it? Think again because this game has sold millions of copies worldwide.

In "The Mind," you work together with other players to progress through the levels to win. It's not a competitive game, so it's suitable for families who need more cooperative gameplay. To win, you have to try to read the other player's minds as they try to get in sync with yours. You have to place cards in ascending order if you want to win. You can't see your partner's cards, and you can't gesture to them, so it really is about seeing if you have the special type of connection to know what they're thinking. This game is addicting because it makes you have to keep playing over and over until you win. You will have to try to figure out your partner's patterns. Even without talking, it's a fantastic bonding experience.

3UP 3DOWN Card Game

3UP 3DOWN Card Game

If you're looking for a quick and addicting card game for you and your family, then you can't go wrong with the 3UP 3DOWN Card Game. The game can be played by everyone of any age from a 7-year old to a 99-year old and everyone in between. You can add as many people you want (as long as you have the decks for it). You would need at least two players per deck, and each deck can hold up to six players each. This is an addicting game that can help you disconnect from everything else and lose yourself in fun and addicting card gameplay.

Of course, there's a little competition to be had between the players as the goal is to use all of your cards before everyone else in the game. However, there's a bit of luck involved as the group doesn't know three of the cards until the end of the game. It's a very fast-paced experience that only takes about 10 minutes to play per round, but it's fun for the whole family!

Salem 1692 Board Game

Salem 1692 Board Game

Now, if you're looking for something different, yet addicting, then look no further than the Salem 1692 Board Game. It takes a little time to understand, but once everyone gets the hang of it, you'll start to see how addicting it is when your family wants to keep playing it. However, you're not going to have to be a little deceptive with your other players as you all play different villagers from the old town of Salem.

Each person you play in the game is based on a real person in history. You will have to figure out which one is the witch. Of course, if you're the witch, you have to try to avoid getting called out. There are accusation cards other players can use if they start to suspect someone is the witch. The witches themselves have different abilities whose ultimate goal is to turn the whole town evil. It sounds a little complicated, but it's something that takes some getting used to. Children as young as ten should be able to catch on after a couple of tries. This game can run a bit on the long side, however.

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