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Best Couples Board Games

Start spicing up your relationship with these hilarious couples board games that will get you in the mood for loving your partner even more than you already do. With eye-opening questions, daring tasks and fun games, the best couples board games are great for learning more about your partner, turning a romantic evening into something special and most of all, having fun. We've looked at the best couple board games that can do just that, so come take a look!

Best Couples Board Games

Most of these couple board games are designed around interaction with your partner rather than competition. At the end of the day, if your relationship has fun with these games, that's all that matters! Everybody wins!

Two Players In Love

Most of the games we've chosen are for couples in love. However, these games can also be played with a special partner in mind who you want to get to know deeper. The games are usually designed at getting people to open up, do silly and romantic tasks and also take things further. They are great at spicying up relationships and also make someone who feels shy more open and adventurous.

The games can also be played in teams; if you want to see how you as a couple stand up against your friends, these games are perfect for learning about how other relationships work. Make an evening with your friends more fun with couple board games!

Couple Board Games Ignite Passion

It's one of the most common problems in relationships- the flame that once was burning so passionately has fizzled out into a routine platonic relationship. Being madly in love doesn't mean you can't spice things up every now and again either; these board games are designed for all sorts of relationships to help try new things and see where they lead to. If you're planning a romantic valentines evening or simply preparing for a special occasions, couple board games can be something that helps top off the evening.

If you are struggling to get your partner in the mood, a silly fun game could be the key to unlocking that passion. These games can start out slow and soon turn up the heat with different ways of interacting with your partner.

Fun For All

Not all couple board games have to be about the bedroom; many of these games are about understanding your partner and getting them to open up. They're designed for fun and you can control the level of intimacy you're willing to go for.

For example, some of the games we have chosen have different levels of cards that determine the type of tasks you do; talk cards for developing meaningful conversations, flirting cards for warming up to someone and even dare cards that take it that bit further.

Best Couples Board Games

Take a look at these couple board games and see what you think. The rules are usually quite simple and are easy to take with you anywhere- especially if you're planning a romantic getaway. If you've got any suggestions, leave a comment below!

Fun and Romantic Game for Couples: Date Night Box Set

Fun and Romantic Game for Couples: Date Night Box Set

This Date Night Box set will get your pulse racing as couples can attempt to talk, flirt and do dares with each other with these fun game cards. The game can be decided based on what you're preference is; talk cards initiate conversion, flirt is more spicy and dare is for those who do!

The game is great for parties and is a great gift for new couples looking to get know each other better. There are no complicated rules with this game, so open a bottle of wine and get ready to have some romantic fun!

Couple Connect

Couple Connect

If you want a board game with more deeper meaning and feeling attached to it, this couples board game called Couple Connect may be just the tonic you've been looking for. The game claims to be backed by science, using techniques that have been used in marriage councelling. The game is designed to explore your feelings and thoughts with one another; couples of all ages can give it a go. There are over 150 different cards that do different tasks; talk, act and experiment!

The game is designed in a premium style; it makes for a perfect gift for friends and family.

Game for Couples LOOPY

Game for Couples LOOPY

This fun and naught board game will have you and your partner deepening your connection, spicing up your relationship and having fun at the same time! Loopy is a date night game, where players spin the board to determine what card they will pick. There are different levels of intimacy the game allows you to go- they even include a satin blindfold to really spice things up!

There are over 150 cards and the game is very simple to play. You can set the pace of the game by choosing the type of cards you want to play with: Talks, Kisses, Fondles and Fun Activities.



If you're into thought-provoking conversation and want to get to know your partner better, Our Moments is a conversation starter game that will unlock your partner's deepest feelings. The game has over 100 questions printed on fine 300gsm card stock for a premium feel. The game encourages you to get know your partner at all levels; learn about their past, their ideas for the future and how they are currently feeling.

The rules are very simple; just pick a card and listen to your partner's response. Learn more about your partner with this fun game!

Spouse-Ology- the Couples Game With Hilarious Questions

Spouse-Ology- the Couples Game With Hilarious Questions

Newlyweds rejoice; this board game is for you! Spouse-Ology is the couples game with hilarious questions that can be a fun activity to play with other couples. Up to 2-4 couples can play with over 240 question cards that will open your eye about who your partner really is.

The game includes a scoreboard and a dice that helps determine the category with which each question is to be asked. It also comes with answer boards and marker pens for writing down your answers without wasting paper.

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