Best On The Go Card Games For Vacations And Holidays

Card Games are great games to take with you on vacation and on the go trips due to their portability and size. When you're about to set off on that family holiday the last thing you want to worry about packing is a giant board game that needs to be squeezed into everything else you've packed into the car.

Best On The Go Card Games

  1. The Best On The Go Card Games
  2. Portable Card Games
  3. The Rise Of Party Games

Portable Card Games

One of the main benefits of On The Go card games is their portability. Their small size also usually means a lower cost price, as they are cheap to produce due to less materials needed.

Card games also tend to have a high factor of replay-ability in them as the game rounds are designed around the randomness of the chosen cards. Games such as Dobble, which are memory games designed to give your brain a workout, can be played over and over again. Usually there are also very few rules and setup time needed to get these games going and they usually last for short amounts of time, perfect for a quick stop at a service station or cafe.

On The Go Card games also make for great stocking fillers at Christmas or birthdays. If the person you're buying the card game for has a specific interest, you might want to keep an eye out for themed card games. Franchises like Harry Potter have many different board games that have been themed around them, so they make great gifts for fans of series.

Card games can also be great for improving young player's learning skills. Many card games will help with learning about probability, memory improvement, decision-making, cooperative skills and many more that will help children as they develop at school and in later life.

The Rise Of Party Games

Card games have been rivitalized in the last decade or so, with many coming off the back of popular games such as Cards Against Humanity. The new category of "Party Games" has sprung up from this sudden popularity in these types of games, with many having adult themes through them.

Party games usually involve adult themes such as crude humour, drinking and other activities that would be associated with "parties" and young adults. These games have sprung up massively over the past decade; there probably isn't a college party that hasn't got its own copy of Cards Against Humanity stacked up somewhere.

That being said, there are of course a variety of card games for all age ranges. There are educational games that can help younger players learn whilst playing and there are also card games for the more distinguished of players who want something that requires a bit more thinking behind them.

The Best On The Go Card Games

Let's take a look at some of the best on-the-go card games you can take with you on your next vacation. I've tried to give a good variety of different games for all types of ages, so let me know if there is one you think would be great for this list too.

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Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Originally it was a Kickstarter game that needed just $4,000 to get started, it's now a world-wide best selling card game and has spawned many expansions and similar card games. The game is intended for young adults as it features lots of crude humour and if you're the type to be offended easily, this game is not for you. Players must come up with the worst possible combinations of phrases using the different cards to win the game.

Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Unstable Unicorns Card Game

This kickstarter funded game has sold over a million copies worldwide and its easy to see why with its bright and engaging visuals and simple clean card interface. Unstable Unicorns is a strategic game for 14 years or older, and requires you to build an army of unicorns where you can magic, instant, upgrade and downgrade cards to acquire your unicorns and hinder your opponents progress. The game was voted the People's Choice award for 2019 and has many fun themed expansions you can also purchase!


Monopoly Deal Card Game

If you love playing Monopoly and want to play a watered down version that can last around 15 minutes, then this is a great card game to add to your collection. Monopoly Deal allows you to trade, collect and steal properties from other players in the classic property management game. The game can be played for up to 5 players and is a great portable card game to take with you on vacation

Spot It!

Spot It!

This game is a great quick-fire game that will give your brain a nice warm-up. The game features a pack of cards with different items on them. Each player must try to match an item from their own hand with the card in the middle and the player with the most matches at the end of the round wins. There are many different variations of games you can play with the Spot It! set too, so you can have a little variety in which mode you play.

UNO: Classic

UNO: Classic

Uno is a classic family game that can be played with up to 10 players. This version of the game comes in a travel tin, which makes it perfect for taking with you on vacation. Uno is a game which requires you to get rid of all the cards in your hand and it's a race to see who can get rid of them faster. You must match the shapes and colors of the cards in your hand with that of the card in the middle. Shout Uno! once you have only one card remaining and let the fun explode!

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