Cards Against Humanity Review - The Best Game For College Students?

Cards Against Humanity is our first review on this site, and it has been one of the inspirations behind this site. The card-game features crude, offensive and funny cards that have gotten incredibly popular with young adults. But what is really fascinating about this game, is how it was developed and became a mega-hit all across the world.

Cards Against Humanity Review

Cards Against Humanity was first released in 2011 via Kickstarter where it managed to raise over $15,000 to fund its development. Kickstarter is a platform that anyone can use, and the 8 creators of the game used it to help kickstart the game they have invented at school. They needed just $4,000, but managed well over that amount, which helped the creators create more cards for the game.

Since being released on Kickstarter, it has now gone on to become one of the best-selling card games ever. It is estimated it has earned tens of millions of dollars since it's release in 2011 and there are now more versions and cards expansions than ever before. The game can be purchased on Amazon but you can also probably find it at any store that sells board games, party games and even regular video game stores.

In fact, you don't even have to pay to play the game. You can download all of the cards from the website in PDF format for free and print them out to create your own version of the game. Of course, you then don't get to experience the premium cards and it does come across a bit cheap to play the game with paper. But you can use it as a sample of whether or not you'll like the game yourself.

The Game Itself

Cards Against Humanity is a game you can play with up to 20 people (if you have enough cards). The game is simple; there are white cards and there are black cards. Each round, a player asks a question from a black card and then the remaining players must use their white cards to form the funniest (or rudest) answer. The person who asked the question from the black card, must then choose the winner.

In theory, the game is super simple to play. The fun comes from seeing what kind of crude combinations your friends and family can come up with- you'd be surprised at how much this game can get you thinking in an abhorrent way! The game is obviously for more mature people; playing it with young people or even young teenagers can be a bit too much. The game is for 17+ in the UK and other versions may vary. If you're interested in Rude Board Games, we've got you covered!

So what kind of questions are you asked? Are they really that bad?

The questions themselves are not that bad. But it's the white card answers that can make them. For example, a black card may contain an innocent question such as:

"After months of practice with _, I think I'm finally ready for _"

You then use your white cards to fill in the blanks.

The white cards can contain anything such as:

"A Chainsaw"

Put those two white cards into the question above, and you have a pretty interesting sentence. The winner of the game is the person who won the most black card questions. Then are over a hundred black cards, so the game can continue for however long you like. There are other rules associated with the game that you can apply if you like to make it more interesting; you can view the full rule list on their website.

The game can get repetitive after a while. Once you've heard the same answer five or six times, it's probably not going to shock you as much. The expansions add more fun and variety to the game and can help it's longevity as your go-to game. It's probably the best game for people who have never played it before and aren't easily offended; you can watch to their surprise at how rude the game can be.

Cards Against Humanity

If you're concerned about how raunchy and rude the cards may be, you can actually take a look at all the possible values on their website. Download the PDF and it shows you them all (this is for the base set).

Why is it so popular with young adults, you may well ask? Well it's the type of adult board game that can be very offensive. The older you get in life the more triggers you hold onto and the more sensitive you can become to things. Young adults playing this game will have no problem with a lot of the content in this game, and of course, it is just a game at the end of the day. To impress your friends with how dirty you can be is usually a social notch that most games can't give. It's almost a game that's atoned to having your first drink; there are no adults to supervise and you can be as obnoxious as you like.


The game is well produced, if you purchase it and don't download it for free from their website. The game comes in a simple sturdy box that houses all the cards; it's about the size of large brick and can be stowed away without really getting in the way- great for taking on vacations or to university. The box is similar to the Apple iPhone boxes, in which the top slides off in a smooth satisfying motion.

In the box you'll find all the cards you need to play the game. Each of the cards are quite sturdy and feel nice to hold. You may find the cards get slightly damaged after continued use, due to all the handling and fiddling your players will do to them.

You'll also find a simple leaflet which contains the rules of the game to get you started.

Cards Against Humanity Expansions

Cards Against Humanity has many different expansions that you can purchase to upgrade your card set with new questions and answers. The popularity of the game has meant that more and more crude topics are to be added, and of course, some cards go out of fashion with the times and new ones are needed for the game to stay relevant.

If you're finding your game is getting a bit stale, you can purchase some of the expansions to give the game a bit more life. The expansions can be mixed into your regular card sets and in fact, you can play with just the expansions if you so choose to.

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Expansion Green Box

There are three main expansions: Red, Green and Blue box which contain 300 new cards each. Then there are special packs you can buy, which usually contain a theme around them. For example, you can also buy the Weed Pack, Period Pack and Jew Pack. These packs only contain around 30 cards each.

Card Pack

There is also an expansion called "Your Shitty Jokes" which allows you to come up with your own questions and answers to include into your game.

Cards Against Humanity Review Summary

We love Cards Against Humanity, and despite it spawning a hundred different clones, it still remains one of our favourite games to play. It's obviously not for everyone- definitely don't play this at family events, unless your family are all happy to offend each other. The price of the game is decent and you can easily expand the game with more and more cards for a little extra cash. Although it can get stale after it's twentieth round, it'll still provide you with 19 offensive rounds of fun before that.


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